By Vikram Krishna
Sep 14 2020 1 min read

Punch is not for him,it's needed in every situation when true has been falling down. To the section forward raavan and rama, there true was definitely wins, we known that because every one said that truth was wins,then why rama should for that, he was knowing all,but he just watched like a movie.but the action in the every aspect of life would need some punch,that forces some times returns in positive manner but sometimes in opposite manner,whatever the power of action is important,the action gives some experience and how next would be proceeded,it's indeed, punch is not for winning others,it just satisfy you and the better in you, so give your best in every aspect to satisfy you, it's not the bledy winning for the world.because if you win the world would praises, who fail the world would avoided you.the punch is not for the world to see you, the punch is waiting and exciting to see you in the best in you to be the best out of best,when you with you, you are the best.its my punch

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