Project Pollinator

By Samir jana
Jun 03 2019 2 min read

With the battle to outshine each other, Sun and the Moon unwillingly and unknowingly release a part of them on earth equipped with their magical and supernatural powers. The force field created by Gods, created a star dust and these magical part of sun and the moon on interacting with organic constituents of earth, result in the creation of organism known as pollinators who have super natural powers to defend and prey. Located in the dark tribal forest of Gond, Pollinators have always been away from human sight for centuries. However, with regressive deforestation and industrial cutting down of trees they are sighted by few British researchers during 1920s who visit Gond to study the ecology and silviculture. The researchers are attacked and killed by these organism.During these disturbances, the tribal in Gond come to realize the existence of pollinators and start worshipping them considering them to be an avatar of Sun and Moon. These pollinators with power to assess and self-sustain make peace with the tribal and Pollinators start living peacefully. However, Pollinators begin

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