Politics over National Security?

By Sahil Bhalerao
Feb 25 2019 1 min read

The 14th of February brought in a great deal of dismay all across the country. Breaking the dormant nationalism, online platforms were deluged with the tag #PKMKB and Pakistan was being criticised for the new low it gave to India. 40 CRPF jawans were killed by a suicide bomber in Lethpora, Pulwama District of J&K. While the PM was out in Uttarakhand, shooting for a documentary, the opposition had already blamed him for not addressing the issue in the urgency that it deserved. This became yet another setback for the NDA whilst gearing up for the 2019 Federal Elections. Since the attack, there have been many speculations about what the Pulwama attack really was. BJP was targeted repeatedly and the attacks were seen as an election propoganda. Raj Thackrey, on the 25th of February made a statement where he outrightly blamed the BJP for planting the attacks as a way of waning the attention of the citizens from the predicaments of demonetisation, the Rafale Corruptions etc. As citizens of India, and considering the fact that not much about the issue is known, would it be righ

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