Poem of Delhi

By Samriddhy Jindal
Apr 04 2019 1 min read

I, like many others in this world, am fascinated by Ghalib's couplets or as they say in Urdu, shers. If not practically, in literal sense, they are the victorious lions- full of power, grace and fascination. Ghalib wrote during the 19th century and was well versed in Persian. Despite dislike for Urdu, he began writing in it. His works today are used to heal the wounds of darkness .All of us admire his vision of love, sorrow and pain. Nothing of the magnificent capital, Shahjahanabad survives today to speak of Delhi's grandeur but Ghalib ,who saw the decline of Mughal empire and the rise of Britishers, has created beautiful pictures of Delhi through his Shers. He feels sorry for Delhi and its people when they longer had *mushairas* and the city of love no longer rejoiced. It is only through his works that we can peep in the history of grand Shahjahanabad. Ghalib's is an example of how art and poetry can rejoice the heart with love and celebration even when everything is in dark. His shers are epitome of glory and emotional expression whereas his no material magnificence rem

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Truely only our works remain .
Delhi's history is really interesting and an important lesson on life.
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