Plasmoids, Paradolia, Cryptids, a Long Island Iced Tea

By Nerve Man
Sep 01 2019 2 min read

A friend says he is into the Forensic Files, apparently a show, but better I say to leave the images to the Imagination and merely listen to, say, a Ground Zero episode on aliens: They've come to modify our species--yet again, as it appears through the widest historical lens of those most ancient, Sanskrit writings of that most ancient of still contiguous great cultures, India; for hasn't China razed its culture to the rudiments with Communism and so drawn a barrier between its mist-shrouded beginnings and its current lunar landings? Elon Musk apparently says China is the future, but if hive-mentality and not the individual indeed is slated for the next devolvement--the next backward development, regression in this Kali Yuga--count me out. The individual is a kingdom inviolate unto himself, herself, but for superior technologists' treating us as pets taken to their veterinarian's offices, presumably upon their flying saucers (or their Vemanas as the Vedas or the Bhagavad Ghita have it, with which I trust, dear reader, you are alrea

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