Planets which are similar to Earth In Universe

By Harpreet Singh
Dec 18 2019 1 min read

There are lots of Planets and Stars in this Universe. But the Most beautiful Planets in this Universe is our Earth Which is also known as only habitable zone Planet in this Universe. Today we will discuss the Planets which are look like or Similar to Earth. 1. Kepler-452b :- Kepler-452b is also known as cousin of Earth due to its Characteristics which are mostly resemble with Earth. It is also have sun and Orbiting around its sun Kepler-452 Like our Earth orbiting the Sun in our Solar System. 2. Kepler-69c :- The planet which is look like or Similar to Earth is Kepler-69c Present in this Universe. It is also known as Super-Earth. It is Founded by Kepler space-craft. It was Officially named on 18 April 2013. 3. Kepler -22b :- Kepler-22b Lies between 600 light years kilometer away from Earth. It orbits its Sun in around 290 days. It was Officially announced on 5 december 2011. Its Size is roughly twice than our Earth. It also Orbit around its star kepler-22. There are lots of Planets and Stars present in this universe. As Science expands there is new interesting fact coming out eve

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