Past & Present

By Sohil Momin
Oct 23 2019 1 min read

"Why do you do that?" She said, I smiled , "What?" "Ignore me when I talk something Important..." she said while holding my hand, I blanked out again, in those memories of Past, drowning deep in emotions, didn't knew when my smile was converted to sad expression. "You are thinking about her again?" She said in Anger, throwing my hand away, hurting me more, and I was saddened again with the cloudy thoughts of how she reminded me of my EX... My Ex, oh my, she was not miss world but was my world, her actions made me happy inspite of consequences, her smile, her anger, she never understood me.... But this time it was differrent, she was not my Ex but my present, watching tears which I failed to hold down, her anger went away, she clenched me in Her Arms, pushing me to her bossoms, patting softly on my Head, she understood me, she embraced my weakness, she never tried to misuse them but always held my rough hands in her soft sweet little fingers and we kissed, so long I forgot the place, I forgot the time, I forgot every Pain, She is the one, m

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