PANDEMIC : chapter 1

By Abhash Nayak
Mar 15 2020 1 min read

PROLOGUE ​​​​​​Good morning DELHITES, are you all ready for the biggest cricket League on this planet, so ladies and gentlemen fasten your seat belts and buckle up for the ferocious fight between two teams of equivalent potential. Today's game will be between Delhi and Kolkata, let's hope for the best from both the teams, it's your RJ Dave.. let's kickstart this morning with a beautiful song sung by Kumar sanu.... It was a beautiful Sunday morning and I was grooving on a melodious song sung by Kumar sanu, the room was echoing with his melodious voice, powerful enough to rejuvenate the dull mind to its prime condition. But all of sudden, unexpectedly the radio broadcast interrupted..... Sorry to interrupt the broadcast, as I have been advised by my officials to give an emergency message of great importance. Their have been a minor viral outbreak in a small town of shibpur located in Maharashtra from a science lab named "MEDICO" and it's spreading fast, people were been advised to stay indoors and to avoid physical contact. Gather suppl

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