Pack, move, settle

By Aniket Rajoria
Feb 11 2019 4 min read

At the age of eight, destiny picked me up and swept me across different lands to spend my childhood in various countries, including Bangladesh, Bangkok, Morocco, France, England, Canada, and finally the United States of America. Changing school every three years, was my path through life. I would always hit a roadblock because each move required the separation from valuable lifetime bonds, unforgettable friendships, and the struggle of adapting to a new and different school.           When I found out I was moving to Bangladesh, it was beyond a dreadful feeling. It was my first move to another country or land. I knew leaving India would be like letting go of my world. Through some internet research, I found out that in Bangladesh I would deal with intense high temperature, pollution, chaos, and filth. Moreover, in terms of my education I was also dragged back one grade due to the change of the education system. Furthermore, one of the worst scenarios I had to encounter during my in-adaptability to the water change. I had built

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What an amazing write-up ! Beautifully weaved the words into a perfect story.