By Risal Salu
Jun 26 2020 2 min read

PIZZA (PART1) Actually Rohit was working in a Pizza shop in down town. He was one of the favourite employee to his boss. And he is much trustworthy. So he had access to His owner house every time. One Saturday evening, the Manager called him to his Cabin, and told him to hand over this package to his house. That time he told, he was going to deliver the pizza. The boss said it is very Urgent as that to be there, so after the delivery you should go back to my home to deliver the package.  He said, Yes.  On the way his bike just got skid and he and pizza fall down. After refreshing he begin his ride to deliver the pizza. The delivery are was in a remote place. There is no other villas near by. It is like a old palce.  He parked his bike and went into the property. Then he kocked the door. No response from inside. After that he called the delivery number. Phone didn't picked. Suddenly the House door opened. There was a lady, who seems wet in a shower towel. She said I was just bathing, I will be back shortly. Please wait here.  He said Ok.  He just vi

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