One last time

By Rishav Rathore
Jun 11 2019 1 min read

I was mixed with the assorted , Thinking of someone with alluring kind, Using all the superpowers, I have, I was going back and forth to see her glimpse one last time, I will be dead I knew for sure,  But I was alive to feel, to sense,to enrich myself one last time, I was attached but not in love with you, I realized the eternity, I only love you, I love every moment with you as a delusive thoughts, I weep every time to see you one last timeShe's gone discarding me and the evil world, This world expected too much from her, She came to me with awful thoughts aspiring ways to fight this war, I was halfwit to sense her state, now I want to change plight one last time. I visit that same place everyday Where you held my hand asking to confessI didn't say those words which meant for you Now I want to say those one last timeI deserved this justness to be alone from youI'll conquer it, I assure you, I close my eyes with this frigid wind, Confronting one step, one last time, O

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