Notorious Ted

By Wholly Molly
Jan 28 2019 2 min read

HiMWho was he? This tall brown haired handsome man. He drove a tan beetle Volkswagen and there he stood waiting for someone to notice him. He chooses his victims, beautiful young girls. It was in the year 1968 in Washington where it all started. Young girls were reported to have disappeared within a month which caught the attention of the police. At that time this brown haired man, already a Law graduate was off the radar disguising himself as a clean cut honest man. Little did he know that witnesses came to identify the tan Volkswagen. Some even reported seeing a man approaching the victims posing as a disabled, carrying heavy load of books, asking the young girls to help him carry it to his car. They never returned.The pastBorn at Lund home for unwed mothers in vermont, young ted had a troubling earlier years, he was raised by his grandparents and was told his mother was his sister. even at a young age, young ted exhibited some disturbing behavior. His aunt recalled waking up to find herself surrounded by the kitchen knives and her three year old nephew sitting and smi

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