Not So Super: Chapter 1: The beginning

By Souma HR
Nov 08 2019 6 min read

What does it mean to be a superhero? An answer that I also wanted to find. Our world had several superheroes in the past. Their stories we read in our history books. But for last hundred or two, there was no heavily powered superhero. So, tales of the superheroes have become a kind of myth. There are not many people who have power. Even those who have some powers are not that very significant. Normally people hide their powers so that they can fit in the society and live normally. So, the answer to that question wasn’t something I expected to find.  Okay, let me tell you about myself first. My name is Sayantan Dutta. I live in a town called Kalsi. It’s a pretty big town, though not that huge. I live with my parents and an elder sister. Her name is Titas. She is studying in a university and I just started my final year of high school. She and I are very close. I just turned 17 last September.  It's been eight months since that day when I first discovered my power. I discovered I can run at super speed. At first, I was scared. I just couldn’t understand

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