No end

By Ashika Ankam
Mar 06 2020 1 min read

            Everyone fears the unknown. Most of us are afraid of the dark, some are scared of tomorrow but at the end everyone of us is scared. Well, to be courageous doesnt always mean not to be afraid of anything but knowing your fear and stepping forward to face it also makes you a brave one. Here's the story of a girl who did the same thing.                 A girl named Tiara is a well known surgeon lived in the city. She had a habit of watching horror movies from her childhood which made her think she could face any kind of ghost. But the science and horror never match. One day she read about the deaths that happened in the mansion which is 36 miles away from her place.                      "A young man of age 22 went into the house and never returned . There is no clue of what happened to him either." "Another mysterious death of a girl in the very same mansion with her mouth opened and her jaw tilted sidewards wit

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