No body shaming

By Mansidak Kaur
Jul 05 2019 1 min read

(Had to be said.) Your scars don’t make you ugly. Having a little extra fat on your tummy doesn’t make you ugly. Thick thighs don’t make you ugly. Cellulite doesn’t make you ugly. The size of your breasts doesn’t determine how attractive you are. Frizzy or extra curly hair don’t make you ugly. And having body hair doesn’t mean you’re ugly. You’re not ugly, society is. You do you. Everyone is their own definition of beautiful.  There’s perfection in flaws. Embrace your body the way it is and bloom.  Your body is the home you grew up in. Don’t burn it down. Live life the way you want to. Live it in the body you’re comfortable with. Your body type is beautiful. Own it. Wear what you want without shame. Fuck society’s idea of beauty. You’re gorgeous the way you are. Body shaming is ugly. And an evil that we need to get rid of immediately.

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