Next door

By Namburi Bharath
Feb 13 2019 2 min read

#horror#nextdoorA fine dark night Two guys are in a room In that total corridor Beside the last room they are staying One day suddenly some sounds coming in that corridor The both two guys are slept at 10 pmAt around 11:50 pm somebody knocked the door and he went there and opened the door but no one is there then He went back to his bed And another person also wake up after the first person they same incident happen to him also that night Then they both wakeup and thinking what's going on Then suddenly some sounds from the last room then they went to there and they checked but that room is locked Then they come back to there room they sleep with lot of fear Then next day morning they asked some other guys in that same corridor but they haven't Hear like that sounds Then the 2 nd day they took one another person to the room and said to him observe carefully he stayed there only upto 11 am then he left from there Then at 11:55 pm they got a msg to the mobile A msg from unknown number but it is sav

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