Best Friends

By Mansi Kukretti
Jun 29 2019 7 min read

CHAPTER 1 - BEST FRIENDSI still remember the first day we met. After the announcement of the schedule for the first week of college everyone was heading for home. Me along with a few more classmates gathered in front of the main gate to complain about the audibility issues we would have to face if the professor who just introduced Engineering Physics in the bridge course would be assigned to us permanently. One of us imitated the other professor who would raise his eyebrow after every sentence he said when amongst all the mainstream laughters i noticed that one laughter. One thing about Kuhu Siddique is that when she laughs, she LAUGHS. In the world full of a poise trend, she pounced after each passing minute in the most kiddish way I'd ever seen. There was something about her which amazed me. Maybe it was the simplicity she carried, the way she couldn't control her enthusiasm or the way she would not think twice before saying something, most of which would be stupid enough to judge.After a few months of struggling to settle with the college routine I managed to make a few friends. W

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