My Village

By Jaswanth Reddy Vulchi
Apr 06 2019 2 min read

The Entrance of our village named Pakala which is located in Prakasam district of Andhra Pradesh welcomes you with a Greenish fields,Natural Fragrances ,Flying fishes in pond which is located beside the Temple.This is coastal area and tends to be called as tourist place. The small wider roads are filled with aggressive traffic.Because being its a tourist place the people coming from the other villages,Towns and even districts also will be are more.Cool breezes, fishermen boats,Clean seashore,the sweet and spicy aroma restaurants and Pani puri chats was really awesome and welcomes you with a great feel and pleasure.Our village is famous for Temples,Beach,Green Fields and more. Most of the people in our village depends upon the Agriculture ,Infact Farmers are the backbone to our country.For past few years Village was clean and filled with joys of happiness.But in Now a days the village was in severe drought.There is no water for cattle and for cultivation. Merciless sun was attacking on all,On watching Thirsty cattle ,birds,empty fields,Farmers sweat was really terrible and these scene

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Super Aswome village entrance... And said about your village culture and village special & all about
Available data clearly show residents of large villages are socio-economically better developed than
Good bro! I'm also from Andhra ❤️
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