My story

By Bhanu Swetha
Nov 07 2019 1 min read

My life goes always up and down ..everytime i face situations like unexpected things as well as i will pray to God that it would be good to live and with happy family.. My childhood is very unsatisfied with little money...and also i was keen to buy all toys and jewellery, dresses but after watching our family situations i dropped down all my hopes, happiness, my entire life but anyway i hope that God should give me good life in future to continue my balance life.. because life is so short.. So please God make my life filled with happiness and joy .. recently i given birth to my little baby boy..atleast he should be happy by enjoying the upcoming life with all type of facilities which i never received in my life . Hope God help our family..thank you

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great story bhanu!!
This is so inspiring! Thank you so much