My love journey

By Dilip Trivedi
Oct 24 2019 3 min read

a:1:{i:0;s:3070:"I was studying in a school named ssnms Dhanbad in jharkhand. The school was a school were middle class men  can afford it's fee for their children. It is the part of my life which I enjoyed there during my school days. I was a simple boy and studying in class 9th but till then I had never talked with any girl of my class or anywhere else. I was hesitated. Even my classmates used to make fun of me. No one can believe that even I fall in love with a girl and in such a big extent that I was not thinking of alive without her. All these happened suddenly. It was a fress winter morning of basant panchami. Everyone was in a great hustle and bustle I was also too late and riya was a girl who used to sing the prayers as a beginner so she was also running. Suddenly she can in front of me and collided with me. I was surprised to see her blue eyes .she was looking very pretty nearby with a good behavior. She did not souted over me which I was expecting. She registered regrets. I was shocked my heart was beating more rapidly than usual, and say sorry to her. I said it wa

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I dont know what to say it os good