My friendship

By Sathyalakshmi Palanisamy
Jan 13 2020 2 min read

   I am doing post graduate degree in an University which is far from my home town. I am a hosteler.   I really bad at making friends. But managed to make 3 to 5 friends. One of my friend fell in love with our senior.    They kept their love secret only she told me. But I am not happy about that because she didn't told me only cause I am her friend, she has another reason that's she needs help to cover her up. She just used me.    She call me whenever she wants to go to canteen with him. I am so stupid that I didn't recognize this before. I am so so idiot to believe that she is my friend.    Days roll-on. It's a second year for us. Our seniors graduate but him joined PhD in same University so they can meet.     One day, she get caught. Her parents worried about her they never send her until our Head Of the Department sir take responsibility for her safety in University. They send him to project to another University for until we get graduate.     After stragedy she finally came to Univers

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