My first day in college

By Sathyalakshmi Palanisamy
Jan 13 2020 2 min read

                   CHAPTER---1      My name is Helen. First days at college, oh my God when I think about my heart pumping differently.     First day: My mom and myself go to college it's a auditorium where the fresher's meeting. After finished, students were informed to go to class. And parents were instructed to go to lunch which provided my college.     I, go to my class with other students. I sit on the 1st row but centre to other 1st row bench. All new faces are coming one by one. They introduces themselves to each other in their bench     My bench people also talk to me introduce themselves and I did the same. One girl is Rohini, and then Jaya. On my back bench,it's Sudha, Kokilarani, and Monisha.      Then lecture came introduce herself her name is karthika. And few minutes later they told to go for lunch then go to home with parents.     We five coming ground floor using crowded stairs that the first time I met him. Actually he saved my fri

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