By shivangi Pathak
Jun 25 2019 1 min read

Lionel Messi The person who made the number 10 famous. The special talent who is debated to be the genius of all time, against the likes of Maradona and Ronaldo. Born in a middle class family from Argentina, being passionate for football from a young age, he was coached by his father around the age of 5. In most cases, being diagnosed with growth hormone deficiency at 11 and not being from a well-off family would have put a stop on football.The thought of football would have faded away, after needing to stick a needle into his legs each night for 3 years. The only left glimmer of hope nearly died when his family couldn't afford the treatment anymore, but his talent became his saviour. At 13, FC Barcelona offered to pay for his treatment in return to playing for them. His family moved to Spain without money or job, but trust in him that his treatment would make him big enough to play soccer. After 4 years, a news made the headlines that a young boy of 17 had broken the record for the youngest player from FC Barcelona to score a goal. And then started the streak of record being br

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