Meeting Her

By Janvi Vyas
Jun 06 2020 2 min read

part 1 It was the first day of my 100th High school year. For some people it will be the most extraordinary or important day of their life but for me it has turned into a boring usual day. Ofcourse for a vampire like me it is an ordinary thing. Meet Ethan Collins the most dangerous vampire. Firstly I was not willing to go but something inside me indicated that I should go and I forcefully went. I was already in the bad mood. I was unable to control my anger due to which my eye colour was constantly changing.  When I reached school there was a little crowd accumulated. "An Indian girl has joined our school and she is really gorgeous" this is what the entire class was murmuring.  Indian!? What she is doing here in New Orleans. But it didn't bother me. I somehow passed the crowd and reached my ancient history class. I was still not at all in a good mood. And I kept my head down on the table.   After 5mins I felt someone's presence, her fragrance was sweet and was evoking the beast inside me. I was controlling myself. I put my head up. And turned

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