Meera from heaven or hell?

By Firi Writes
Nov 09 2020 3 min read

Chapter 3 Still finding everything hard to believe.I spreaded my wings.Maria told me not to rush as it would be difficult to fly so soon.The sea dragon would help me fly  to the academy.Ronalt helped me to get on the dragon.Andy was obliged to look after me.Ronalt and Maria disappeared after saying goodbye and see you at the academy meera.The dragon took off and i wrapped my arms tightly around his huge neck to avoid my fall.I squeezed my eyes shut.I was mourning my life.I was crying my heart out.I was dead by then so what about my dad?Andy noticed my grief and flew closer.I shared my worries that i didnt wanted to die.I wanted to live for dad as he was left all alone.My mother died when i was so young.Andy told me that the time would eventually pass and i would be able to make peace with the situation.Then he   asked what was the cause of my death.At first    i was unable to remember anything then i closed my eyes trying to recollect i was driving.A white piece of paper for which i had worked so hard was lying besides me my graduation certificate.I was happ

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