Meera from heaven or hell?

By Firi Writes
Nov 08 2020 2 min read

        Chapter 2 His name as disclosed by him was Ronalt.It sounded strong at the same time devilish similar his appearance.Meera(i) got afraid but then noticed two soothing figures coming out from the forest which made me calm intially but following them stood a strange and huge dragon like creature which added more fear. The guy silently sized me up whereas the lady  looked similar to an angel.She greeted with friendly gestures and welcomed me.Surprised and shocked i enquired am i really dead.Ididnt  know why this question popped into my mind that time.The angel lady squeezed my hand and told her name was maria and the guy next to him was andy.The boy nodded introducing himself. Tears rolled down my cheeks realising that wasnt an illusion.That was all happening for real.At that point out of curiousity i asked them what actually was going then?what had happened to me?7Ronalt grinned and andys silence annoyed me.I needed my answers.Maria broke the silence and told me however This might sound unrealistic but you are indeed dead.Ronalt added,&qu

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