Meera from heaven or hell??

By Firi Writes
Nov 04 2020 2 min read

When i got back into senses a bright light struck my eyes.I tried to move further but there was a huge trench.I was attracted by a waterfall moving upwards.I thought may be i am dreaming?Although It seemed real.I turned to look around.The area was surrounded by huge gigantic trees.Only then i heard the voice in my head.It roared like thunder a strong manly voice telling me to act.I understood at once something terrible would happen if i disobey at him.Without wasting time i jumped into the trench thinking no one  dies in their dreams.Probably i might wake up from this weird dream.I stepped back few steps then accelerated and jumped.My heart was pounding as if i will die for sure.It was not at all a dream.Fear took all over my emotions.In an attempt to save myself my hands were desperately trying to grab on something.I shut my eyes not to face my death at once.Suddenly i heard something coming from behind and stopping my fall.I was pulled up and noticed something on my back.omg those beautiful wings.I was able to move them.It seemed so crazy.I managed to flap them.Wings gradually

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