Make-Up Artist

By Shruti Rastogi
Mar 31 2019 2 min read

Make up Artist“Hey! Is this chair vacant?” an intruder interrogated. “Well, you can have a seat” I replied. “Thank you" he returned After a long pause again this intruder started to introspect , suspiciously he questioned “Why are you sitting all alone, Is there any problem? ”I stuttered, uninterested to him “ummm , not really. Why do you ask?”“Your face looks jolly but your life seems, loops in it” he bluntly answered.The world around me paused and my feets and fingers turned numb as the turbulence he created in my mind. I could feel someone after very long time , entering my cabalistic space. I hesitated “Can you mind your own business”. I knew I was rude to him but I wanted to eliminate this uneasiness he created in a while. I stood firmly afterthought and moved chair aside to walk out from that environment but who knew he would follow me to my further plans . I walked to some open place to seek peace and suddenly i found the tree standing aloof like he was waiting for the companionship “yes ,the pefect place” mind crackl

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