Magic Wand

By vaibhav rathore
Dec 31 2019 2 min read

in the summer night john was try to sleep but because it was too hot and his room's air conditioner was not even to make the room's temperature cool enough that the atmosphere become cool enough to get asleep so john started peeking out of window and started watching outside suddenly he saw a light coming towards him from the sky and it was similar to an Unidentified Object (UFO) about which john has red and listen so many times john gets afraid of the object and hide down below the window and even forget to close the windows door. suddenly something fall on his head and he get more afraid and jump directly to his bed and covered his head with a kilt in fear when nothing happened for almost ten or fifteen minutes he removed the kilt from his head and peek out from kilt to see what was the thing that had fallen on him, he saw on the surface there was a wand that was sparkling too much that his eyes got glittered. john came near to the wand and than picked it up and started staring the wand very closely. the wand was very shiny and it appears to be changing colors like a rainbow patter

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