Love u to

By srilekha
Feb 24 2019 1 min read

One day i was near a park and waiting for a bus, A beautiful lady was crossing the road i started blushing myself seeing such a beauty, I started walking behind her and trying to talk and at last i talked to her, She was not responding anything i was contentiously talking to her, And i don't want to miss her at any cost so i asked her contact number she smiled and went way, Next day again i followed her and i asked again her contact number she didn't answered, I dared and proposed her, She gave a huge expression and she run away, the days passed she didn't answered me anything, At last i started following till her home and i asked here watchman about her he told he is she cant talk she is dumb, I was shocked for 5 minutes and after few months he came near her and proposed her with a ring and i said i know your are dumb, She cried and hug him and told "LOVE U TO" with her lip moments.

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