Love or Life

By Tushina Mehta
Jun 11 2019 1 min read

Love or life, doesnt go together,The one wins ,the other lost.....Whats the fullest among this Is the ocean of emotions,That comes like wave,Sometimes scarry, sometimes fun....Its not that you just watch it ,You have to step in there,The world of ocean....When you do that u feel complete or lost....But then u realize this is the real world,No fakeness no bitterness...Yes i jumped in nd i lost,But i get some real emotions than this faked world...Yes there was no life, as i choose love...A beautiful world of dream there comes,I lived there the fullest for a while,And then its gone....I love my life there and yes still I say,Love and life together ,doesnt go strong....❤

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I really admire your writing.