Love conquers all odds!

By Shriti Malakar
Jul 05 2019 3 min read

Date: 7th july, 2012 Viraj (name changed) and Rhea(name changed) had been best of friends since the first day of college at Rajhans college of Engineering And Management, Kerala. The entire gang was a blast when they were togather. Five friends, Ritu, Rimi, Ajay, Viraj and Rhea. Graduation days are the days of laughter, joy, sorrows, and love. The days when you are carefree yet anxious about future, childlike yet responsible, bitter yet sweet, calm yet burning fire, citizen yet just of the many, 18 in age yet 15 in mind, teen yet adult. Confusing yet so beautiful! Four years down with college life, and reality hits. Within these days of joys and sorrows none knew they were actually growing up, and so was the love between Viraj and Rhea with different cultures yet the same goal. Love…… Now was the time when communities hit, facts hit, family back waiting in anticipation hits. Malyali guy and Bengali girl. Sounds a mess already! Time is the greatest healer and patience its soulmate. Date: 16th august, 2015 Both decide to take a step forward to the relatio

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