By dhanush dany
Dec 01 2019 3 min read

​​​​TRYING TO FALL IN LOVE: A boy was there in a village who was very intelligent and clever in studies and everything.he did not like love and all those things.he love his family so much.he is from middle class his father is an job holder in software company.the boy don't want to argue with anything with his family because he listen to words given by the family.he didnt want to hurt the family.the boy get the free seat in the university.he started going to the university he make some friends in the university in that one girls is there she is also very clever and intelligent.she has helping nature and all the things which were good and the boys father is walking in the road he didnt see the traffic and try to cross the road on that time his friend also walking on that road.when the boys father was walking on the road without seeing any traffic one lorry coming very speed and it try to dash the boys father on that time the girl who was boys friend save his father.the father appreciate the girl and went to the home and said all these things to His family and t

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