Liza and Kufu Part 2

Oct 12 2019 2 min read

Liza is still freaking out but not more than before she asks "why do u launch infornt of me?" Kufu replies " I spitted from my balloon and it dropped  on your head ,I come here to say sorry to you ." Kufu shies. Liza  surprises and  bothers. She says " Really ridiculous!! how did you see me from your Balloon?" Kufu replies " we have camera in my balloon that can capture clear pictures from 35 million kilometers distance, Not even you can see all small bacterias , viruses from sky .  Liza is again surprised and starts to talk freely . She asks " Are you animal or something else?" Kufu smiles and answers " No we are artificial intelligence!!" Liza is speechless. Just a word "What" comes out of her mouth. Kufu laughs and says " We are artificial intelligence created by an animal who are wiped out from our planet you can say from the whole universe 2 million years ago." Liza asks why do they have no existence?" It replies they were 30 Billions in number , they lived under water , they had

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