Liza and Kufu - Final Part

Oct 15 2019 2 min read

Now Liza becomes stable to talk. She asks Kufu, "why do you come to  our planet? " Kufu smiles and replies "what were happened in our planet similar thing may be happened in earth." Liza surprisingly asks " How do you know? " Kufu answers "We have invented time machine ,we can see future I come here to warn human to control their devastating activities and destroying forest, otherwise you have to live underwater like our creators and you will be wiped out like them". Hahaha Kufu starts to laugh. Liza is worried and speechless.  Kufu again says "Human are stupid like our creators when I was in my balloon I saw a rain forest was burning in earth and nobody was trying to extinguish fire." We don't need oxygen  but you  need it as our creators  used hydrogen to taking breathe. Liza replies " I know you are talking about Amazon. Kufu says "I have talk with trees those were burning they were crying and saying we deliver life to human but they kill us burn us." How can you talk with trees ? they ca

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