By Jean Parker
Sep 10 2019 7 min read

We're in a club. 100s of us, all dancing and grinding because the DJ is killing it. We don't know each other. Came with our respective friends And now we bump into each other. I find you cute so I smile at you and begin to grind my body against yours. First I have my ass against your crotch, grinding rhythmically to the beat.You're slightly thrusting too, all to the beat I roll my hips up and down and bend over for you to get a nice look. You grab my hips and turn me around. Now my boobs are flush pressed against your chest and abs. And we continue dancing, but it's so sexy that you find yourself getting hard. You lean down, with one hand on my boob and the other on my ass, pull me close and start to make out. First, it's only a gentle kiss but soon you're pushing your tongue inside my mouth and massaging my tongue with yours. I moan into your mouth. And I like you being in charge so I just let you pleasure yourself with my body. You start peppering kisses and hickeys down my neck. I slowly move my hand towards the zipper of your jeans. Remember we

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