lips together, teeth together, tongue on the roof of mouth

By Bhavya Vashishtha
Jun 23 2019 3 min read

Everyone in some way or the other wants to look good. Everyone has this desire to have a good looking, beautiful, well-structured face with a chiseled jawline and perfectly aligned teeth making a spectacular smile. But alas! You are born with this and you have to live with it the next few remaining years of your life. This was a very famous notion for almost half a century. But now let me put a smile on your face, its time to remold your face. Though don't expect that you can shape it any way you want, but it will start looking good in some time and technically this is what you want.I used to be a pretty, fluffy, fair teddy bear type looking, kid. Like every other baby, I was a beautiful snowflake too. But that beauty didn’t stay for long. That beauty started to shred. After a decade of my arrival on planet earth, I grew up totally different from the predicted and expected. And when the puberty kicked in, growth fastened, I turned into horror. That fluffy kid turned into a pale skinny guy. The face became very narrow, teeth got crooked making it impossible to keep the lips sealed.

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Quite educational and a fun fact.Good language
Many people need to think about this.. Deep one!
এটি একটি খুব ভাল গল্প, আমি এই গল্প পছন্দ করি এবং এই ধরনের গল্প পড়তে আগ্রহী।