Mar 28 2020 1 min read

There are three types of land forms in our earth. They are: i) First order landforms  ii) Second order landforms iii) Third order landforms  Let us discuss in detail.    i)  FIRST ORDER LANDFORMS : The first order landforms consists of groups of continents and oceans.  Continents are the vast land masses on the Earth and Oceans are the huge water bodies.  There are 7 continents and 5 oceans on the earth surface.    ii)  SECOND ORDER LANDFORMS : The second order landforms consists of mountains, plateaus and plains.  Mountains are the landforms which rises more than 600 m above the surface. There are two types of mountains, continuous mountain ranges and discontinuous mountain ranges. Some of the mountain ranges are the himalayas, the andes, the rockies, the alps and the eastern ghats.  Plateaus are the elevated portions on the earth surface. Some of the plateaus are Tibetan plateau, Chotanagpur plateau, Deccan plateau.  Plains are the flat low lying lands. These are very suitable form cultivation. Most of

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