Lab rat

By Sumanth Naidu
Feb 24 2021 1 min read

Imagine a man. Who is immune to many diseases. It is a gift given by God right. But not in case of Angulo. A Mexican kid with God like immunity has been raised ina lab for16yearrs. His parents and siblings were dead due to polio. He was alive so doctors took him to lab to test how did he survived the disease. Then they came to know that his immunity is so powerful that he could outcome any disease. A millionaire named George kinderberg is a man of money. With many companies around the world. He had funded to find out causes of immunity and he wants to use it to cure his cancer and regenerate his vital organs to become an immortal. He was performed experiments. Injected thousand times and torchured abused and forced to live like a lab rat. One day he tried to escape.but got caught.  

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