Kumar and his sons

By Sumanth Naidu
Mar 11 2021 2 min read

Kumar was a 50 years old businesses man. Who was very rich owns a piece of land on moon. He had 3 son. One of his son was physically challenged and had a daughter. More than  his son's he loved her daughter. His two son were always jealous of his sister. When his sister became graduated and returned to home. She brought her boyfriend along with him. Kumar became furious. And had shot him. He was injured, she left the home and got separated, married him later. Kurmars sons wanted to kill him to have the money. His sister also wanted revenge. Except his physically don Ravi. All siblings of him. Prepared a plan to kill him. Ravi sonehow managed to listen that plan and told his father about this . His father was deeply hurt and was very sad about this issue. It was night 3am. His son's and his daughter came to his room to kill him by choke him to death. He was awake. "Come my kids. If you want me dead why don't you ask me.? " Said kumar. "Yes" they replied. "Before I die I want to say something.its a secret which I never wa

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