By Bruce Wayne
Sep 14 2019 1 min read

Nightkills Preliminary It has been late. Dale was actually thinking though how he gonna return this night, when it's too impossible for him to drive. He toppled down a lady, the one who wears the sweetest francheur you an buy in Italy and a short skirt. He didn't say sorry. Now but Dale is really sorry. He shouldn't been driving this car. Some cars honked by, he thought to slow down. Yugiene Staler is braining him out, so good music! Oh, what is that? Dale slowed down. Someone is standing by the road, all red. Is that the blood? Dake lowered the glasses. A man, in thirtees. All soaked in blood, red on face, red on hands. Must have met with an accident. Then where is that shithole car? Dale asked, "What the hell happened? " No answer. The man didn't seem to listen. He was pointing at something. to be continued...

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