By Divya P
Nov 29 2019 2 min read

                              Karma in the town of tesleska, Millie jasmine, an extremely famous girl in high school, had once killed a boy just becuase he ditched her. He was a very fair and kind guy, still he ditched her because Millie was a very mean girl. Millie then hid that guy's body next to a tree in the garden. As the days passed once a student saw the body and later he was suspected and sent to jail for killing him. Though it wasn't his mistake Few years later millie got married to a very rich man and she lived a very happy life. Millie travelled to her mother in new york city because she was pregnent. 2 months later her husband Mike had also visited Millie's mother's house. One night millie got girl twins. So she decided to travel back to tesleska with her husband. It was a very stormy night and the thunder was roaring hard. She got into the train only when they noticed that one of their twins had passed away! Millie and mike got scared and made this decision to throw the baby away f

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