By Joel Johny
Dec 01 2019 3 min read

#JusticeForPriyankaReddy I can't even fathom what goes through the minds of such men who commit such horrendous crimes..another girl brutally raped in India,with her corpse burnt.. This is just one of the million cases that have come up in our country,excluding ones which are not even reported.. I think it's high time we men start taking some action..the best way to tackle a situation is to destroy it at it's root level.i.e.educating young men that they should respect women by default.. Whenever i hear or read such instances,i wish that i was a vigilante and could go kill all these men who bring a shame to our country..and i'm sure even other sensible men also feel the same way.. Here's what we can do to stop these atrocities from occurring each day.. 1.Stop objectifying women: Women are not to be termed as "bundi","maal","slut" and many more terms cause it doesn't make us realise that they're human beings,just like us and should be addressed as per their names ..Phrases like "cover the face,fuck the base" give

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