By shivangi Pathak
Jun 10 2019 1 min read

Some days back while scrolling my news feed yet again incident stole my attention,yet another incident made goosebumps.while India worships many goddess we see yet another case where a devil is ruling.Almost daily we read news of rape,acid-attack, killing,dowry and the criminals are still free.This time the case which made me think all this is of 2.5years old Twinkle Sharma who was playing outside and gets kidnapped, beaten some reports also suggested that she has been raped.All this was done by one of her neighbour who was asked to repay some loan of ₹10,000 and he did this all to frighten Twinkle's family.Was ten thousand a bigger amount than the decreased life?All this incident made me realise that the criminal's mind is tension free I'm all cases while someone is doing any such activity he should have some kind of fear which is lacking and it clearly depicts the condition of law and order in our country.If law and order were to taken seriously than no criminal could ever get courage to even think about it.Such people should be burner alive without having a second thought in min

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