Its Ok!!

By Shristy Jain
Dec 12 2019 1 min read

Sometimes, you get misunderstood bythose whom you think that they support you.. But, it's ok because sometimes sun hide under the clouds and when they passed away, sun shines again and prove it's worth to the world! Sometimes, you forget your happiness and help others but they forget you in your bad times.. But, it's ok because ocean never counts it's drops by itself! Sometimes, you feel low because of other's taken granted behaviour for you.. But, it's ok because  only a jeweler knows about the worth of coal! Sometimes, you failed to prove yourself.. But, it's ok because failure taught you lessons which gives you lifetime experiences! Sometimes, you failed to identify the nature and intentions of a person and get betrayed.. But, it's ok because it taught you about human nature and you get to know about the real world! Sometimes, thinks goes opposite to your expectations.. But, it's ok because it helps you to get rid away from expectations and to expect something from others! Sometimes, everything changed even your loved ones.. Bu

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