Investment- beyond money!

By Shriti Malakar
Jul 11 2019 1 min read

Let us talk about investments. How do you define investments? Something in dollars, euros, yens or rupees.. Yes, indeed they define possessions, future, fame and all the lucrative things out there.  BUT , lets get deeper into it!! How about people, emotions, relations and conscience call?? Don't relate right?? Trust me they do...          But they don't promise a return. In fact they may tend to bear negatives most of the times. But why worry? Give the best you can returns don't matter in the long run. As rightly said, "Within any discouraging situation almost always lurks an opportunity for growth, maturity, and future."  Investing on people gives you insight of who you are, and not what they judge you as. Investing on emotions give you empathy, need for being useful to anyone,Everyone! As William James, the American psychologist once said, "Actions seem to follow feelings, but really actions and feelings go togather?" Investing in relations gives you strength, courage, and resons to why socialize? LOVE uncondi

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