Inner peace

By Shobhit Rajput
Oct 12 2019 1 min read

​​​​​​                    Jai shree krishna Hello everyone, I m, here to help you with some of my inner thoughts and experience. I would like to share with you all. Are you frustrated of your life or about of your situation which are very difficult for you or don't want to face them all.​​​​​​Yes in this world nothing is impossible the god made an every thing easy but with some puzzle that we called them problems. and every problem has it solution this also proof by our scientist and in Bhagwatgeeta only we have to find them and how we could find them it is only by our karmas we have to kept trust and patience in god and in simple words you understand that in this world everything is balanced and in every step and in every moment there happiness and sadness you could see around you if you wanted to overcome of your problems be careless (in a positive way) and become selfish(positive) and start ignoring all  negative things of your life and do whatever you like to do for your happiness and smile

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