Inner Peace

By Kushal Samant
Oct 09 2019 1 min read

Inner Peace. To find inner peace, all it takes is to keep reminding yourself about it. To make it the epitome of the choices you make. To remember to not lose yourself in the past, in a train of thoughts. To remember to not lose yourself in the future, in another train of thoughts. There maybe only so much that keeps you from living in the present, and to pause before you take any action. To pause not to decide your next move, but to choose to stop instead. If ever there is anything that you would need to do, then it is only going to be something you would absolutely love to. There are no ifs, and buts, just the same as there is no better. You are no better than anyone in just the same way you are no less than anyone either. The only thing you have to remember is to not remember at all. The secret lies in forgetting. To rid of all habit. And to look out into space, not the skies. To see what you is happening around you. And to know that it will change. To wait, and observe instead of taking action. When you focus only on the things around you, will you understand what you are here

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