India - The next biggest thing in the world

By Shubhangi Singh
Mar 03 2019 4 min read

"India" is shining brightly today round the globe. It has emerged as one of the brightest nation in today's scenario. It is the 7th largest country by area with a population of more than 1.3 billion people. India has glorified today and is continuing to strengthen it's position in all fields.India's e-commerce and IT sectors are booming. The country took a major step towards digitalisation by adopting the 'Digital India' scheme. The growth in the smartphone market also results in the growth of the IT sectors.With some recent governmental reforms, the country has hightened attention from global investors. It has become very easy and safer for the foreign investors to seek opportunities in India because of it's strong GDP growth and corporate earning growth. Various foreign companies, banks and even tech Giants like Amazon and Google are setting their eyes on India.India by the efforts of it's young innovators is also turning up to be the startup powerhouse. If we take the data of last two years itself, over 200 million Indians have gained Internet Connection and over 5000 startups hav

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