By Vaishnavi Jain
Feb 28 2019 5 min read

India from its date of discovery till the present state of 21st century have outshined as an immensely beautiful country, home to different cultures and civilisations of it’s 29 states, a place with the existence of 22 official languages.A concoction of spices in any dish have an essence of all the ingredients present in it, each item equally is responsible to make the dish delicious, similarly the aspects like political, economical , social, technological all are responsible for a nation to develop and to maintain its position among the other nations of the world.We have walked through various roads or paths in the whole journey of our life , but if we have crossed or are at the verge of crossing that road which is made up of struggles, challenges, decision making or trust issues, etc. instead of concrete material. Then we have experienced almost all the phases which externally gave us pessimistic vibes at an early stage but internally at a higher pace it enhanced our personality, which could be accompanied by this proverb “Gold opens all locks, no lock will hold

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Very well written di...amazing....
I love this article
A perfect blend of words to express such a vast topic.. Well expressed!!!
Expressive thoughts on such a vast topic...really good
Very well written vaishnavi. I must say we need more such young and inspiring people like you....
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